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Mens New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Nike Black Game Shop for the latest and greatest in New Orleans Saints Jerseys from the NFL Shop. You can find a variety of Jerseys for men, women and kids in sizes for everyone. We carry official New Orleans Saints Nike Elite Jerseys so you can wear the same gear as your favorite players and also stock a full collection of Saints Nike Limited and Nike Game Jerseys. We also carry a variety of other jerseys including New Orleans Saints Replica Jerseys, Authentic Jerseys or even Saints Vintage Jerseys so you can wear the jerseys of your favorite Saints player from years past. No matter what style you are shopping for NFL Shop is your place to find official New Orleans Saints Jerseys.Adrian Peterson is getting more attention as he searches for his next team, with the Saints joining the short list of potential destinations.According to the NFL Network and ESPN, Peterson will visit New Orleans next week, with plans to have dinner Monday and visit the Saints Tuesday. Peterson visited with the Patriots on Monday but left Foxboro without a contract. The 32-year-old could serve as a backup to Mark Ingram in New Orleans. Tim Hightower left the Saints this offseason to sign with the 49ers. In 10 NFL seasons, Peterson has 11,747 rushing yards, which ranks 16th in league history. He was limited to just three games last season due to a torn meniscus and then adductor strain.

Devin McCourty, LeGarrette Blount and Martellus Bennett have all been open about their intentions to skip the annual Super Bowl champions photo op on the White House lawn, and McCourty explained his decision during the Play it Forward summit at Boston University where he took part in a wide-ranging discussion on race and gender in sports with host Andrea Kremer, CSN’s Brian Scalabrine, Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski and Boston Bruins Foundation executive director Bob Sweeney.

After the conference, McCourty joined Quick Slants the Podcast to delve a little further into why he’s decided to stay home when his team heads to the nation’s capital. It has to do with the fact that about a month ago he and his wife had their first child, a daughter, Londyn.”I heard Chris Long say,” McCourty said, “he has a son who’s I think a year now, [and] he didn’t want his son to grow up and hear the different things from the administration and say, ‘Dad, that’s not what you teach me. That’s not what you taught me. Why did you go if you knew that was wrong?’

“When I heard that, I was like, ‘You know, that makes a lot of sense.’ Obviously I had already had personal opinions about it, but you start to think about your kids, or your kid, and them growing up and what they’ll view as right or wrong is dictated through what you view as right or wrong and what you teach them. I think it’ll be a great thing when my daughter will be able to look back and say, ‘My father had a chance to do what’s right or do what’s wrong, and he did what he felt was right no matter what anybody else felt, what people thought was popular to do at the time. He did what he thought was right.’ I think that’s huge.”Obviously right now it’s a huge deal. I don’t think it necessarily needs to be celebrated. I think you just do what’s right for you. That’s what makes you who you are. I respect guys who are going or not going. People have different opinions. What’s right for me or wrong for me may be different for somebody else. We’re not talking about death or something or killing someone. I think this is just a matter of opinions and what your different beliefs are.”

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