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Men's Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald Navy Navy Game Jerseycheapjerseystop.com Cheer on your Los Angeles Rams in this Aaron Donald Game jersey from Nike! It features team and player screen print graphics to show off your Los Angeles Rams fandom to the max! Be a part of the Los Angeles Rams action this season.On the first day of the playoffs, the star fell unfortunately, Goebel in the first game with the Clippers opening just 11 seconds on the accidental injury. At that time, Goebel was about to cover up with Hayward, with the Clippers Clippers players hit the left knee of Goebel, the pain immediately fell to the ground, holding his knee with his hands on his knees, and then, as soon as possible, Mr. Goebel. He tried to stand up, but soon found himself unable to get up, and on the ground a few steps. Magnetic resonance imaging showed that the French center left knee hyperextension and bone contusion, but no structural damage. According to the latest news, the possibility of Goebel 4 return not.
The warriors and the Blazers’ first game was not peaceful, Durant sprained his left leg in the second half. Although in the next two games, he participated in the team’s shooting training, but for insurance purposes, the warriors still decided to let Adu truce.
This is not the end, made the 2-0 than in the Bulls away lead successively, came the sad news in front of the bull to win the biggest player in Rondo right thumb fracture, although without surgery, but the return is undetermined, will be re evaluated in the next 7-10 days. According to him, the doctor said he was at least two weeks off. He had hurt his thumb in the third quarter, when he knew that there was something wrong with his finger, but he was too excited to notice. At the end of the game, he felt a sharp pain, then realized that he had broken, and he could not even get a fork.
Just after the fall of Rondo, Griffin and the Clippers in the third war with the reimbursement, he hit the ground in the first quarter of the day when the ground floor of the unfortunate bruise his right toe, and then limped back to the locker room. Before the end, Griffin hand mercilessly beat a ringside seat, seems to presage the injury is very serious. After X light detection, Griffin’s injury is not optimistic, identified as the right foot big toe injury. But the Clippers official announced in 12 hours, Griffin will be absent in 2017 all the remaining playoffs, early reimbursement.
The playoffs are different from the regular season is that each game is very focused on the results, the game is no longer the usual entertainment and fun, and even some teams will let the game loss of ornamental. But at the same time, the charm of competitive sports. Because of the special attributes of the playoffs, let the game become a battle of life and death, so the competition strength increased sharply, the regular season that can not spell spell ball to the playoffs will spell cidaojianhong.
As the playoffs are the top eight teams, the game level increased, the intensity of confrontation will increase. Through the comparison of the number of fouls can be seen in the playoffs, the 16 teams in the field are the total number of fouls more than regular season more than 1 times. In the regular season, the 16 teams averaged 19.8 fouls, while in the playoffs it increased to a maximum of 20.75. Like wizards and walkers, the average number of fouls reached a staggering 27.3 and 23 times, but also from the side shows the intensity of the playoffs against the big. However, the Celtics and bulls in the playoffs in the number of fouls as low as 16.3 and 16.7 times, this is not to say that they do not have enough strength, but the referee also acquiesced in this high-intensity physical confrontation.
The second reason is that with the increasingly fierce competition, the key players will gradually increase the appearance time. The four players were injured as an example, in addition to Goebel’s unexpected departure after 11 seconds, Durant played 36 minutes in the first game, compared to the conventional 33.4 minutes more than 2.6 minutes; Rondo averaged 33.5 minutes, only 26.7 minutes of the regular season; Griffin regular season averaged 34.1 minutes, but before the playoffs two in the war, his games are played 41 minutes, every 7 minutes only rest. The time on so many stars feel a bit too much, Durant and Griffin injured fatigue is the most typical.
Third, the focus will be the focus of attention of the other players, and stars have more or less have a history of injuries. Even if it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s also a defensive strategy to force him to shoot a wounded hand or an injured leg while defending a superstar. In Griffin, for example, in the middle of the season he had a right knee surgery, missed 21 games. In the past three seasons, Griffin suffered a knee stress fracture, meniscus tear and four head muscle tear, bone contusion of knee joint, knee sprain, Achilles tendon sprain, plus hand injury and back injury, injury can be called the encyclopedia. Frequent injuries let Griffin play more and more on the outside, so a little bit on the strength of the body of the body again let Griffin reimbursement.
The last reason can be called metaphysics, the so-called fear of what more and more, the mentality of the players will have a great impact on their technical movements. The key of the playoffs let the players fight for every inch of land, did not dare to slack off, start with a very heavy offensive defensive player, sometimes overexert. In the end of the regular season, the team has been locked in advance of the team has been accustomed to a more relaxed play, once the increase in the intensity of the confrontation will result in inappropriate circumstances. Griffin’s layup instability caused by the big toe contusion, obviously is the reason for excessive force.

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