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Men's Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Nike Navy Game JerseyDallas Cowboys Jerseys But this time they did it, they were focused on the attitude and spirit of the game. Look at a set of data: the Weiss ball assists, Simmonds completed a career record of 200 goals, Mason 23 saves a shutout, Kuti Lie and Giroux have scored houston.
We focus on Weiss: as a result of the injury in the past 22 games missed in the field of the game, just returned from the absence of the 6 consecutive comeback, his last goal can be traced back to last year, in December. It was a difficult season for him, with only 3 goals in the last game of the season – to know that he scored a career record of 14 goals in Montreal and Chicago last season. Listen to what he says:
“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and it’s hard to come by. I didn’t even see how the ball went in. It’s a great feeling, it’s a rare moment in this frustrating season.” “I am a person of positive energy, I love my job very much, and I am very lucky to be able to make a living”
Cheap Jerseys Do not rule out the existence of objective factors: because of the weather penguins on the morning of the match 10:15 arrived in Philadelphia, Handschy paratelum of back injury.
But Weiss’s performance is also a microcosm of the flying team, they show the state of proof, not to rely on the opponent to win the game is not Gatorade, tactical literacy, teamwork, professional attitude. What does the trapeze show before the game? Unreliable goalkeeper, basically no offense and unstable defense. After 10 straight victories in December, they slid into the abyss.
Although the process is painful, now they seem to get back on track, the strong success rate in the past 7 games a total of 38 in 2, the game was finally by Simmonds overnight. 13 games only scored 1 goals in the past 5 games into the ball, scored 5 points, and even Mason have stood out, the fight against the 23, including a key ball, set the tone for the game.
wholesale jerseys The battle of redemption losing, may be a turning point of the season. As Simmonds said, “anything is possible, never give up until the last moment, we are here to regain our confidence.”
Let’s look at their prospects. After this game, people in the Eastern Conference of second wild card battle only five points behind the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay lightning. The best time to plant trees was ten years ago. There are only 12 regular season games, flying in accordance with the template to play down, the five points is not a distant gap.

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