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Mens Carolina Panthers Cam Newton Nike Black Game JerseyGear up with Carolina Panthers jerseys available right here at We have the largest selection of white, black, and blue Panthers jerseys in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.Despite the previous game, the sun lost to the Boston Celtics, but the German Man Booker scored 70 points, creating a series of records. The jersey that he wore in the game will be kept in the hall of fame. Today, in the social media, the official announcement of the hall of fame.
The audience was able to score 70 points, the German – Booker’s outstanding performance, so that people look forward to his future. The Suns coach Earl – Watson recently said that in the game, he saw a lot of the shadow of James harden.
“I don’t know if I’ve ever said that before, but I saw a lot of harden in his body. He’s been playing with his pace. His speed is not fast, but he is very quick. He’s not a very good player, but he can also score on your head. He can control the ball, can pass, can lower the storm, at the age of 20 can be so old, he is like the harden. When James harden was a kid, I knew he was older than he was.” Watson said.
This season in the Rockets, harden as the team’s point guard, his assists to improve the number of data. Similarly, in the absence of Brad, Booker’s data in this regard has also been raised.
“At the end of last season, when he came out, he was in that position,” Watson said. “At that time he played a lot of 30+ game, this year he played a 70+ performance, which is certainly not a coincidence.”
This season, the German – Booker in the sun, the field played 35 minutes, you can get a score of 22 points and 3.4 assists in three minutes, the ball hit the ball to a maximum of 36.1% points.
Two years ago, a total of 55 players NBA annual salary of more than $10 million, but this season, the annual salary of over ten million players have reached the 107 place, so many high paying players, they really deserve to be worth it? According to their individual performance and value, we conducted a six round of screening.
The first round, the elimination of offensive and defensive ends are lower than the average level of players
If your attack is negative and positive and negative is not good, then you are out. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad side.
After this round of screening, 20 players were eliminated, such as the Mavericks Barnes, grizzlies striker Chandler – Parsons, the annual salary of more than $22 million for the two. The Blazers’ carat as well as Evans Turner were also eliminated, and the two were pioneers of last summer’s focus on signing. Other players are eliminated, Baez Moore.

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