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直击-绿军失篮板但别丢魂 落后两场并非末日But to play the unexpected defeat, which rarely appear in the pre match press conference of the “white Mamba” Sikalabulaini came to the scene of “questioning” coach Stevens, “after the game, you have to emphasize what team?” “I have stressed the protection of the backboard, but the rest, you know, I can’t tell you now.” Stevens replied.
Throughout the game, the Celtics did increase to grab rebounds and protection, but in addition to the backboard improvement, coach Stevens before selling the “son of” no cash. “We did not play their own basketball, the game is in the rhythm of the opponent.” Stevens explained after the game, Lang and the bulls in the limit of small Thomas do very well, they are very timely with the prevention.” Bulls coach also praised after the game: “Rondo this season has gone through a lot, from falling out of the rotation, to return to the starting, he has been very hard, has been one of the leaders of the team, set an example for the team of young players.” As a hero to win today Rondo has been brought to the scene after the press conference, “I was playing very aggressive, I know little Thomas played very flexible, but as long as I play I will do my best to present.” The side of Wade is Nalangduo joked, “this guy before the Celtics play, he knows all their tactics.”
Compared with the Bulls players in the conference easily, the Celtics side Horford and Claude look very dignified, from the beginning to the end of the conference, Claude in addition to answer questions, his eyes never left the table in front of the technology, he also don’t know what happened to the end, “we go back to study the.”
While Horford speak in past is feeble in attack we played in a hurry, some unnecessary mistakes to the mobile phone, it really hurts.” Then he stared at the microphone and shook his head. Then the two men quietly get up and leave, the Celtics PR is also patted the back of the two, said the sentence will be good”.
In today’s garden, from the beginning a deafening cheer, to the fourth section there are five minutes when the fans continue to exit, such as contrast portrayal of the two games for, with the eastern part of the first ring into the playoffs, but 0-2 a green army from time to time some fans feel lost home court advantage is not terrible, but lost all patience and confidence is different. Tencent sports after the game asked a number of fans for the current series of views, they said, losing the rebound is not terrible, but they want the team to lose is not the spirit of the celtics”.
“This is not the end of the world, we must be fully equipped for starting in Chicago, we should do some thing to do.” As Roy said, their playoff journey is not over and the sun will rise.

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