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Men's Boston Celtics Isaiah Thomas adidas Kelly Green Replica Basketball Top off your look with a new Boston Celtics jersey unlike any in your collection! Whether you’re watching the game from the stands or watching at home, this adidas Boston Celtics replica basketball jersey is perfect for just about any occasion.NBA rookie of the year award is set up from the start of the 1952-1953 season, the regular season Award for best performance (Rookie rookie here refers to the NBA to play the first season, not necessarily is the year of the rookie). This is one of the oldest awards in NBA history. As a comparison, the most valuable player awards began to set up in 1956, the best coach award was established in 1963, the best defensive player award is to emerge in 1983, when the most improved player of the year award is 1986.
As well as the best defensive player of the year before, the rookie of the year is also invited by NBA to the United States and canada. However, this rule was broken in this season, Shen Yang, the reporter in front of Tencent sports also invited to vote on the 2017 awards.
Voting rules and other awards are basically the same, each reporter will give their first ballot, second votes and third votes. One of the first ballot value of 5 points, the value of second votes of 3 points, the value of third votes of 1 points. The highest scoring rookie players will receive the rookie of the year award.
In the previous 64 rookie of the year award. There are 21 rookie of the year is the best show, there are 19 rookie of the year in the hall of fame. In the history of a total of five time all rookie of the year, the five players are: Ralph Sampson, David Robinson, Blake Griffin, Lillard and Downes last season.
The best rookie award also has the possibility of two players together, this occurs in the history of a total of three times. The 1970-1971 season and 1994-1995 season Covens Patras, Grant – Hill and Jason – Kidd, Elton – Brand 1999-2000 season and Steve Francis.
In the 64 year history of the rookie of the year, there are more than one of the top players in the year, with a total of two players. If you look at the first year of the occupation career, even Jordan and Jim, only kneel to sing to conquer.
In the 1959-1960 season, Chamberlain averaged 37.6 points, 27 rebounds and a total of 2.3 assists in his rookie season, rebounding and scoring not only in the top spot but also in the first place of the season. So Chamberlain is not only a rookie of the year when the season, but also beat Russell, Petit and others, the most valuable player of the season to become. This is the first time in history that a player has the best rookie and most valuable player.
1968-1968 season, in his rookie season averaging 13.8 points, 18.4 rebounds and 2.6 assists, while leading the team of 57 wins and 25 losses, Baldi also won the division champion title. Performance and team as well, that season won the best rookie in unseld at the same time, the preferred rate is still the most valuable player of the year award by more than half, ahead of Willis Reed, Bill Russell and Elgin Beller and other stars, become the most valuable player of the season.

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