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Atlanta Hawks Jerseys Men's Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant adidas White Replica Basketball JerseyCasey is and always will be a defence-first coach. You prove yourself on that end and then you get the opportunity to play offence. Valanciunas wasn’t getting the job done on the defensive end until Wednesday.He proved he could do it,” Casey said of what had changed to get JV that fourth-quarter run. “That is what keeps him out there on the floor or any of our guys, it’s not just Jonas. If a guy has trouble guarding a certain situation he can’t stay in. It would be the same with Cory Joseph if he was having trouble. It would be the same for any of our guys if they were guarding a premiere matchup and is at a disadvantage at their position. But he did an excellent job. It’s a good step in the right direction for his growth and he has been doing a good job of guarding pick-and-roll situations.Valanciunas knows exactly what is expected of him on the defensive end and he had plenty of success keeping a beast like Cousins from going off. If there is a change these days it is that when he does get beat in his one-on-one matchup, and Cousins did win some of the battles, there was one and sometimes two guys behind him with help.Yeah, that’s our strength,” Valanciunas said. “We are all helping each other. We are all ready. The scheme is to guard your guy one-on-one but if something breaks down, you have help behind you.Ibaka had four blocks in the game, the majority of them coming on Cousins on those occasions he got through Valanciunas only to be met by another large body who swatted away would-be scoring opportunities with ease.

Cheap Jerseys And it wasn’t just Ibaka either. P.J. Tucker was getting plenty of credit from both Valanciunas and the Raptors head coach for his timely help.Tucker was filling in for the injured DeMarre Carroll. Based on the job he did, his chemistry with Ibaka and Valanciunas and the fact that Carroll is just now getting back up to speed, don’t be surprised if you see Tucker continue to log big minutes like the team-leading 37:48 he had on Wednesday.Carroll, though, took part in all the drills yesterday after missing a game with that ankle he sprained in Milwaukee on Saturday. It looks likely that he’ll be back in the mix one way or the other Friday night when the Raptors take his former team, the Atlanta Hawks.A little more than a week ago he was packing up his house keeping an eye on the Golden State Warriors game because that was the team he was joining the next day after negotiating a buyout with the Los Angeles Lakers.

wholesale jerseys Only before the suitcase was even closed, Kevin Durant went down with an injury and Calderon immediately had a bad feeling in his stomach.Turns out that feeling was correct as a day later, the day he was supposed to fly out and join the Warriors, he got a call from head coach Steve Kerr explaining the team’s needs had changed and instead they required a forward, not a guard and did not have the roster space to accommodate both.Fortunately the Hawks were in need of a guard and the switch was made in time that Calderon is eligible to play with the Hawks in the playoffs, a deadline he met by only a few hours.Calderon got his first real practice with his new team on Wednesday and has his family coming over to re-join him now that he has set up schooling for his kids and found a place to live.

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