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In just a few weeks, a new baseball season will be upon us — a time when hope springs eternal, when last season is but a hazy memory, when everybody sits atop the standings at But not every team wants to let go of 2016 just yet. For example, let’s say you brought home your franchise’s first World Series championship in over a century. It would be understandable if you didn’t want to let that go just yet. You might even get something to honor the occasion. Maybe even some cowboy boots:On Tuesday, the Netherlands defeated Korea, 5-0, in a Pool A Game in the World Baseball Classic. Sure, they did this with the help of players we all know, like Andrelton Simmons, Didi Gregorius and Xander Bogaerts. But who closed the game out, pitching a scoreless ninth inning? That’s right — the world’s tallest professional baseball player, Loek van Mil.

Cleveland Indians Jerseys The Dutchman is 7-foot-1, a little more than a foot and a half taller than Jose Altuve (who is 5-foot-6). Even his full name is tall — it’s Ludovicus Jacobus Maria Van Mil. Want another height comparison? Back in 2008, when van Mil was in the Twins Minor League system, he posed with the then-shortest player in baseball, 5-foot-3 Chris Cates:Even Randy Johnson, whose nickname was the Big Unit, is shorter than van Mil: The Netherlands reliever has three inches on him. Looks like that makes him … the Biggest Unit. (OK, we’ll work on our nicknaming skills.)  A little while ago, we told you where you can get delicious foods named after your favorite baseball players. Need the Dave Parker Porker or a Madison Bumgarner sandwich?

wholesale jerseys Sure, they sound good, but do those players have food built into their very names? No, they do not, which is why it’s time to remember the delightfully named Joey Pankake. After all, it is National Pancake Day. Pankake (and yes, it’s pronounced like the breakfast food), was drafted by the Tigers in 2014. An All-SEC outfielder from the University of South Carolina, he is a gift to any broadcaster who wants to make a lot of breakfast-based puns.Sometimes, you’re just served golden (brown) opportunities on a platter:

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