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Men's Tampa Bay Rays Majestic Light Blue Cool Base Custom Jerseycheapjerseystop.com best place for official Rays gear is the Cheap MLB Shop, the official online Cheap Jerseys store of the Tampa Bay Rays. Miami finals with the Spurs to grab seven war started in Miami, of course, we all know that if there is no ray – Allen in the sixth war in step three at the end, the heat has been eliminated, but Allen is a key vote, let the heat and rush through seven snatched from the jaws of death, and won the championship.
Wade was not the first to win, but this time he was more excited than anyone else, because he knew it was not easy. During the finals, Wade has suffered a knee injury, there is news that the lightning man twice during the playoffs to extract water from the knee, showing how serious his knee injury. And in the finals of the sixth battle, Wade and the opening of the collision with Ginobili, happened to hurt the knee.
But with a serious knee injury, Wade helped the heat to reverse the Spurs, but also in the seven world war in the fight, Wade got a score of 23 points and 10 rebounds. After the game, Wade sat in the player’s channel, holding a cigar in his mouth, holding a trophy in front of him, while enjoying the joy of being a champion, the man took the champagne and poured it on his injured knee. “To win the title, but also on your part.” Wade muttered, “the title is for you.”
Wade’s move is touching, he took the biggest enemy (knee) battled to the finals, every game is still best, especially in the battle to grab seven, Wade fell to the ground in the cramp is still struggling to move forward, only to fight for a ball behind the success, but Wade knew that he was suffering. The “big three” of Wade, James and Bosh in 2013 second boarded the championship podium, but they did not think that this is the last time they met at the top of the podium, after all, in 2014 after the crown failed, the “big three” will part company each going his own way.
This picture is the “big three” in the championship podium last smile on the stage, when Wade left hand gestures to the number “3”, suggesting that they have won three championships, James holding the FMVP trophy, right hand gestures, the number “1”, Bosh’s left hand gestures, the number “1” but at that time, the Zhan Huang and Bosh just to put a POSE, after all, they all got the two championship.
In 2014 the “break up”, “big three” go on different roads, James “return home”, to help get Cleveland’s first NBA championship trophy; Wade is loyal, but in the last summer was forced to leave Miami to return home in Chicago, but due to injury problems this season has been declared for the season; although Bosh got billion yuan contract, but the blood coagulation thrombus disease, has been a long time did not appear in the basketball field.
The big three each have their own lives, but fortunately they are still the best friends, especially Wade and James, their feelings than Kim Jian, it makes people feel. For the thunder fans, Durant seems to have compassion. “If I’m a fan of the team and I wear their shoes, then I’ll do the same thing.” Durant said, I think at some point in your career, if you are considered one of the best players, you should want to feel loved and hated. That’s how I feel. I want to see the two sides like that.”
Durant for the first time in the match status returned to Oklahoma City in February 12th this year, he in the game are booed, thunder fans also made Cup Cake various props to the irony of Durant. In March 21st this year, the thunder warrior away again, in the injury Durant trip to Oklahoma City, this time, although he did not play the game, but still got the thunder fans.
It is worth mentioning that, when Durant first returned to Oklahoma City, his mother Wanda Platt have become the object of attack thunder fans. But Durant has said, and did not directly attack the thunder fans and Wanda, Durant revealed his advance to the mother playing a shot.
“She’s a mother, she doesn’t look at the fans.” Durant said, “I think she is so, so long I stay there, for the community, do a lot of things for the team, for the club, she just like any mother would do, she thinks I should be praised. On the other hand, I and my agent Ricci Coleman told her, “I don’t think you’re aware about what will happen.” My mother seemed to be like this, ‘I thought of going on the pitch I look like this, ‘you have to relax!’ She really thought it was a trip home.

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