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The saints fans comment blockbuster deal with her but a win-win  Cheap Jerseys But now the media are a bit of a wind is rain, people Kukes expressed dissatisfaction can understand, but he did not want to leave. You know, he is the next offseason in Drew Bracey’s two people, can be said that the friendship between generations. For a few small friend of the Bracey family, Cousteau said he is their brother”. Feelings are good to such a degree, you will feel Cousteau because he passed the godfather to the ball a few times you want to leave?
Then there is, Cousteau said at the time of discontent, is said to be his agent out of the ghost. And now cooks for a new agent.
So why change a new agent, and now out of the rumor? Qiao, Cousteau’s new brokerage firm, and Markus Mariota, Carson Wentz’s agent. The two young quarterback, side are lack of good ball point. As for the new England is relatively well understood, and took over the position at least in the last two years is to let them scratching their heads, or else you will not be in season to sign Michael Floyd. With Kukes and Tom Brady in the 2016 season of the speed, long precision, the new season of new England attack would be scarier.
From the team’s point of view, it’s really a serious consideration to deal with his problems. But now consider this matter, it is nothing to do with his previous dissatisfaction, is a business decision, not for whom. Far not said that in recent years, from Jimmy Graham to Kenny Stiers, we have proved that for many years, not only to attack the group walked in the front, which near end receivers or ran Wei, can play the league’s top offensive. In these three positions, New Orleans does not sell goods. Michael Thomas and rookie in the 2016 season, catching a touchdown catch number number, number of catching the three data all broke or tied the record in team history, the perfect succession of Marquis Kirsten, let the team took over the position more clout.
wholesale jerseys At the same time, we still have some problems with the defense team. The 2016 season, especially in the second half, the defense performance has been significantly improved, but the vulnerability is still very obvious, that is the defensive end and cornerback. These two positions are to be made up, take the punch hand, this year is considered a draft, before the simulation of several brick house, in the first round of the defense can always have five or six front or blunt pass outside perimeter. If the transaction in exchange for a first round pick Cousteau can choose such a player, it may play a more important role than cousteau.
Chicago Cubs Jerseys So I am open to this matter, if the team is willing to trade, you are welcome to quote. I personally tend to be able to more than one round of the first sign, rather than the original 11 sign up a few, which is of little significance for us. But want to trade the students also don’t want to bargain, Cousteau distance contract early, he left to us is not lost. But, with his strength, to which team can make the new owner of the ball the next level. So don’t expect his team to ask the price.

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